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R. Fritz Enterprises, Inc. - WPIA's sister company providing computer hardware, software, networking, repairs, and consulting Microsoft - Windows operating systems and application software
Download.com - Download screensavers, demos, freeware, drivers, and other stuff Tucows.com - Download freeware, drivers, tips, news, and more
ZDnet.com - A site featuring product reviews, news, howtos, and downloads Slashdot.org - A web site featuring news about the computer industry
ModemHelp.org - This site is a free help/support resource center for modem users WinDrivers - A site featuring windows support/drivers
56k.com - V.90 Modems, Cable Modems, ADSL, ISDN and Satellite connections APC - American's leader in power protection
Intel - The power inside your computer O'Reilly & Associates - Computer books, software, and online publishing
Adobe - Makers of graphics and desktop publishing software Macromedia - Makers of graphics and multimedia software